Be mentally ready before you hit the gym

Make sure you’re fully prepped before you step through the doors of your gym. Here’s a handy checklist of the things you need to know…

  1. Decide that you are going to work hard a couple hours before your gym time comes.
  2. Know your routine before you leave for the gym, make a plan stick to it & nail it.
  3. Keep it realistic, know your limits and what you want to achieve.
  4. Keep a Training log of what you have done in the past – this way you know what you have previously achieved and can easily plan the next session.
  5. Think outside the box – challenge yourself, finish each exercise knowing you pushed yourself a little further this time around.
  6. Get REVVED UP, everyone’s got a song. Plug the ear phones, in turn on the iPod or MP3 player and listen to that song while warming up. By now you should be firing to get stuck in.
  7. Make sure your work-out time is the same time as other motivated members. Work close to others that are working hard. Stay away from the lazy lost ones in the gym, you look at them you’ll get lazy. Remember why YOU’RE there.
  8. If you need help with lifting a heavier weight then normal ask the gym staff to watch over you for the first time to make sure you can handle. It’s ok, that’s what they are there for.
  9. Leave that workout in the gym, DO NOT leave knowing you slacked a little on certain exercises. Do it, do it right and move on.
  10. In life hard work equals reward…if you worked your ass off in there you will get the results you want.