Frequently Asked Questions

Is personal training for everyone?

Yes. No matter what your sex, age or fitness level everyone will benefit from working with a Personal Trainer.

I don’t have the time to make it to the gym as my work diary is too busy. What difference will a Personal Trainer make to me?

A Personal Trainer can design a time-efficient workout program to fit in with your lifestlye which you can do at home saving you the time travelling to the gym.

If I wanted to do my training from home, what equipment would I need and how much would it cost?

You could set up at home for less than £200. The type of equipment would depend on the space you have and the goals you want to achieve.

If I trained once a week with a Personal Trainer would that session be enough or would I need to do more exercise outside seeing the trainer?

Yes you would need to do more exercise in addition to seeing your Personal Trainer. One session a week without doing any extra work yourself will keep you from getting fit. If you want big results then you have to put in the hard work.

What guarantees would I have that working out with a trainer will get me the results I want?

The only guarantee you have is the amount of commitment you give yourself. You should look on your Personal Trainer as a tool shop and you as the builder. The Personal Trainer sells you the tools and then it's up to you to do the job. How much time you put into the job the better the job will look.

I have a weak back, dodgy knee and my hip clicks on a regular basis. It's all hereditary - my parents are the same and I remember my grand parents had the same problems. I’ve never had any checks on these areas as I know nothing can be done!

This is a regular situation with people who are only interested in excuses why not to train. The majority of the above people have very minor problems but through lack of physical education think that the above is true. Get yourself to a Physiotherapist, have the problems assessed and start your road to rectifying them.

What should I look for when hiring a Personal Trainer?

Make sure the Personal Trainer you're considering hiring is a REPs Registered Trainer (REPs = The Register of Exercise Professionals).

Advanced Level 3 is the highest. You might also want to hire a Personal Trainer that looks & acts like a Personal Trainer. If he/she doesn’t take their own medicine, what chances have they got of convincing you to take yours.

I have always wanted to have a Personal Trainer but I cant afford it as they are too expensive!

Well £40 is the average price of eating out and £40 is the average cost one would spend on a night out on the town (may be twice a week) to feel like crap the next day and from there £40 would probably be spent that day trying to make yourself feel better by eating take away food cause your to hung over to cook fresh healthy food.

£40 is what you spend on taxi’s every 2 weeks, £40 is the cost of a personal training session that will give you the education to look after your body. £40 is a small price to pay once / twice a month to avoid future health related problems. So after all that…

What excuse are you going to think of now?