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If you’re just looking to do the minimum, you’re on a budget or you just can’t stand gyms or health clubs there’s no reason in the world why that should be an excuse not to exercise.

The fact of the matter is you could do a far better work out with very little equipment by just using your body weight as equipment… to exercise all you need is a little exercise knowledge and some space.

You could, if you wanted, set-up a little home gym for less than £100 which would give you all the equipment you would need to get a good workout twice a week.

So here’s the scenario: you come home from work you’ve been up since 7am its now 7pm… you’re knackered right? So what do you do? I’ll give you two scenarios:

  1. You go the kitchen grab the bottle of wine poor a glass for yourself (maybe your partner/flatmate) and go flop in front of the TV talk about your day, before you know it’s 10.30pm, shower time and bed.
  2. You come home. Again go to the kitchen and make a big plate of food, poor the glass of wine and off to the TV to catch up on Deadenders again before you know it it’s 10.30pm you hit the shower and bed.

Now the above may not apply to you but there are a lot of people to whom it does. This happens two maybe three times a week and before you know it, the weekend is here, party party party, no sleep, crap food, lots of alcohol.

Then that day comes, you’re five years down the line and your waist size is considerably larger than it was 5 years ago… and you ask yourself How did I get here?

People enough of the scenarios, to avoid the situation mentioned above all you have to do is 20 – 30 minutes every second day at home that will give you the minimum you need to avoid the above.

  • Push-ups (wide angle close angle)
  • Sit-ups (v-sits ,reverse crunches, static holds)
  • Squats (wide stance, close stance)
  • Lunges
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Planks
  • Star Jumps
  • Burpees
  • Jogging on the Spot
  • Triceps drips
  • etc etc etc…

I could go on and on with exercises that need no equipment at all. Get a trainer to put a home programme together for you, and the next time you walk in the door instead of popping that bottle open go and do your 30 min home workout… trust me you will feel much better afterwards, it’s only breaking a habit – once the first one is done the rest is easy!



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