Rope Workout

Check out this simple rope workout, which you can use as the perfect pre-workout warm-up.

  1. Go easy at first. The concentration and focus necessary in creating rhythms are just as important as the physical workout.
  2. Keep your jumps as low as possible. Jumping to high will increase the level of impact and tire you out a lot quicker there are skipping drills for the more advanced involving high jumps, while starting out keep the jumps low to the ground.
  3. During a fight, you’re constantly changing speeds. Skipping should be no different. Be aware of staying in one rhythm for too long. You need to be able to change your speeds without losing control.
  4. As your conditioning and strength improves, add movement to your rope workouts. Move forward 4 steps, come 4 steps back then go to the side 4 steps. Its just you and the rope once your confident with it get creative.
  5. For more advanced rope jumpers, step it up by finishing hard. I like to finish my rope sessions at what I call “ultimate speed”. For the last 30- 60 seconds, go as fast as you’re comfortable with (while remaining in control) and really make your body work, then slow it down, giving your body a chance to recover while not tightening up.

Below is a simple rope program you can change the variables to suit your level of fitness:

Beginner — 1 min each round 1 — 2 min rest between rounds
Intermediate — 2 mins each round — 90 seconds rest between rounds
Advanced — 3 mins each round — 1 min rest between rounds
Super Advanced — 3 mins each round — no rest periods

Start off:

  • 1 min – Jumping with both feet together
  • 1 min – 2 jumps left leg 2 jumps both feet 2 jumps right leg
  • 1 min – Box skipping (left leg right leg left right leg etc)
  • 1 min – Toe touch (touch the floor behind you with the tip of your toes)
  • 1 min – Knees up (lift your knees as high as you can while Box skipping)
  • 2 min – Cool down both feet or singles slow pace

The above are ideas on how people can but some variation into their training. 1Life1Body does not recommend anyone to do this if you are not in a regular exercise programme. Consult your GP before doing any form of exercise or hire a Personal Trainer to guide you through your first month.