Running Plan

In 2007 we had a look at various training sessions to condition your body for speed work! I wonder how many of you actually attempted any of them. That aside, do you actually have a plan?

I am often approached by runners, from my club, asking if they could join my group. My first question to them is, what distance are you training for? Not to my surprise, the response is often; I am not sure!!

Well, let’s make it a challenge to all you fellow comrades out there, that for 2008 (Olympic year) you are going decide how you are going to train and for a committed distance.


  1. Decide what distance you would like to focus on.
  2. Find out what training requirements you would need to implement to run optimally at your given distance.
  3. Be realistic about the time you can dedicate to achieving your goal. It is no use attempting to run a Marathon if you can’t find time to train 5 days per week with the inclusion of one 2hr run.
  4. Only increase your time spent running by an average of 6% per week, with a plateau phase every 3 weeks or so…

Below, are a few facts that I have listed to help you understand, the few concepts of training for various events:

Fact 1: To run an 800m race requires 67% use of one’s anaerobic system (without oxygen) and just 33% aerobic (with oxygen)

Fact 2: To run 3km requires 60% use of your aerobic system and 40% anaerobic system.

Fact 3: To run at Marathon pace requires 98% aerobic work.

I sincerely hope that this will bring some insight into the facts of running.

Written courtesy of Jasyn Savage (Running Coach)