Running (Winter Conditioning)

Well, October has come and gone, the clocks have finally turned back and the days are as short as they possibly could get, not to forget cold and miserable – these are testing times for Athletes of every nature.

As well as the struggle to force yourself out into the cold environment and battle it out against the elements nature provides, a winter program is crucial to the results you reap in the summer…

Winter is the time to build strength and endurance with the intent to progress to much faster runs in the Summer with the possibility of running your Personal Best (PB).

Below are a few examples of some conditioning runs you should be doing at this time of year.

Please note that these are for runners who have been running regularly for the past 6months and averaging a 5km run without stopping.

4-6 x 1min @ 80% effort with 2min recovery.
Aim for 230m

5-7 x 1min @ 80% effort with 2min recovery.
Aim for 230-260m

6-8 x 1min & 80% effort with 2min recovery.
Aim for 260-290m

8-10 x 1min & 80% effort with 90sec recovery.
Aim for 290 -320m

10-12 x 1min @ 80% effort with 60seconds recovery.
Aim for 320 – 380m.

Some other suggestions are:

Slow/fast 200’s – Run 200m at your target goal time for 3km(race pace) followed by running 200m at 30sec slower. Stop when your running form starts to take a compromise.

Beginners: 6-8 x S/F200’s

Intermediate: 8 x S/F 200’s

Advanced: 10-12 x S/F 200’s

Elite: 12-20 x S/F 200’s

Professional: 15- 35 x S/F 200’s

Please ensure that you have a thorough warm up preferably dynamic in nature with some static stretches at the end of your session (holding stretches for no longer than 8sec’s)

I wish you all the very best in your winter preparations and hopefully you will make way for those changes.