Bharat Sagar, Advertising (40 something)

“I hate the 1Life1Body team, they cost me a fortune. Because of them I can now ski and have to fork out for three skiing holidays a year. I thought that a fat unfit 40 something would never be made fit enough to enjoy skiing but they managed it and my wife loves it.”

Dolly Clew, Record company promotions (38)

“Training with the 1Life1Body team absolutely rocks. it's totally inspiring, a lot of fun, interesting and addictive, because if you are brave enough to turn up just once, for one session with them, you'll want to do it again and again and again. Recommend them? Without a doubt - they’re the best - you'll never regret it.”

Sue, Publicist (41)

“Having zero confidence to get back in the gym after an ankle op, the 1Life1Body team have motivated me to actually look forward to work outs again. They’ve developed a programme to suit ME and helped me achieve what I thought were unattainable goals. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Philippa Wright, Wine Merchant (35)

“Having never had a personal trainer before I found training with the 1Life1Body team a total revelation. You need to be committed, but they make hard work a lot of fun, and, for me, the results were spectacular - feeling healthier, looking fitter and enjoying exercise more than I had thought possible...”

Tim Medforth, Management Consultant (41)

“The 1Life1Body team bring a fresh perspective to personal training by focusing on reawakening the body and building core fitness. Their approach works and it delivers results quickly. They also balance driving results and having fun.”

Andie Tickner TV Promotions Manager, Emap Performance TV (31)

“I find training with the 1Life1Body team enormously rewarding, but really tough. They are really focused on helping me achieve the results I want and if that means pushing me to the max, they’ll do it, despite my strong resistances sometimes! Each session I enter is always challenging and at any time (and that's all the time!) I assume I'll be doing the same workout as per my previous session, but they are already one step ahead and surprise me with a whole new set of exercises for that session! I've also noticed a massive increase in my training abilities. Their fitness knowledge and experience is really strong, as they strive to be the best by constantly putting their staff through courses and keeping updated on the latest in the world of fitness and nutrition.”

Melinda Star, Personal Assistant (29)

“I found the 1Life1Body classes to be be very invigorating indeed. When leaving the class I feel ready to take on the world. Their classes truly inspired me as they were full of energy and zest! The music definitely got me in the mood to get on down. I would definitely recommend it to all the girls out there that are serious about keeping fit and taking on a new shape of life!”

Zoë May Age, IT Manager (28)

“I attend the 1Life1Body classes regularly and have never been disappointed. Their circuit class is a great balance of strength and cardio work, they also introduce novel group training techniques which make the class fun as well as being a good, tough workout. Their spinning classes are very well paced with really good choices of music. Having been involved in a number of different sports over the years I have been through a lot of training sessions and have found the 1Life1Body sessions to be some of the most inspiring and rewarding. I always finish a session on a high and have often recommended that friends come along with me for this reason.”

Rob, Music Industry

“I found the personal training session with 1Life1Body really inspiring. It was hard work, but there's little point in doing it if it isn't going to be tough. but since the sessions in I’ve found myself a lot more motivated to push myself more and my personal workout sessions a lot more varied and interesting. I definitely feel like this is a big step towards achieving personal fitness goals and would definitely recommend it to anyone, at whatever level of fitness, to give it a go.”

Tina Broecker, Director of Sales (29)

“I have trained with 1Life1Body for some time now and also attend his spinning classes. I had other personal trainers in the past, but I definitely feel that the 1Life1Body team has something special to offer. They stretch you to the limit, are always well prepared and have a very creative and fun teaching technique - they even keeps you motivated when doing gruelling exercises like 'the plank'. In addition, they do very well at providing variation in their classes by regularly changing exercises and training focus. The team has the ability to identify your weaknesses straight away and will work with you to address these . Their knowledge on health, fitness and human anatomy is very impressive. Since I have trained with the 1Life1Body team, I love to exercise regularly and I am feeling great ! I would highly recommend their classes . You will be fit and healthy in no time.”

Robert Laycock, (31)

“Couldn't recommend the 1Life1Body training any more highly - they’re great at motivating you in the best way possible and always fun to be trained by. Each and every part of his exercise regime is meticulously thought out and totally personalised to achieve what you really want. I’ve absolutely been turned round from lethargy and am now lean, mean and full of energy. Five stars.”

Lorraine Atkins, Events Manager (32)

“Training with 1Life1Body is top-rate and seriously motivating because the results are felt immediately. They explain things clearly and seem to have a knack of making me want to push myself as hard as I can despite the pain! As a result I eat healthier, my posture has improved and I have gained the strength in my fitness that has allowed me to achieve things that I was unaware that I could do. Each of these results have given me more confidence and I now want to see how far I can take my form.”

Sara Lister, Recruitment Consultant (27)

“The 1Life1Body team are very motivating and I quickly noticed a change in my level of fitness. They made keeping fit an enjoyable way of life and not the chore I once saw it as. Their experience and knowledge in this area have enabled me to learn a huge amount about exercise.”

Daniele Cappelletto, Bond Broker (34)

“I have trained with 1Life1Body for over two years now and I have found the training sessions to be stimulating and highly motivating. They provide a detailed and specific fitness programme depending on my needs, making exercise interesting. Furthermore, they have a complete in-depth knowledge of fitness regimes and is constantly up to date with all the latest developments. I can honestly say that if I did not see the 1Life1Body team my fitness state/condition would be drastically worse. I would highly recommend the 1Life1Body team for a personal trainer.”

Mrs H, Lawyer (35)

“The 1Life1Body team are really motivating trainers who deliver results. They have definitely improved my fitness levels with only one session a week. Training sessions are always interesting and varied, and they have great advice on nutrition. My physio is very impressed with their expertise in overcoming my sports injuries.”

Sarah Jackson, Television Assistant (31)

“One of the reasons why I love training with the 1Life1Body team is that it is always so much fun. The sessions are always varied and I often find that an hour of hardcore exercise just passes by in a flash! I’ve achieved things that I didn’t think were possible. I actually look forward to exercising rather than dreading it. They push you to your limits and offer a no-nonsense, motivating attitude which always spurs you on. Your goals no longer seem impossible but easily reachable. I’ve gone down two whole dress sizes since training with the 1Life1Body team. They’re not just personal trainers but also miracle workers!”

Deon Theron, Office Services Manager

“I found their personal training to be great. The motivation they gave was exactly what I needed and more, and have propelled my fitness to new levels. I also find that their techniques are very good explained and in practise almost had immediate effect to my fitness.”

Michelle Monks, PA

“I chose the 1Life1Body team as I have attended their spin/circuit classes and thoroughly enjoyed them and thought therefore their personal traininig would be the same. I was right in the last three weeks I have watched my body change due to their weights sessions with me, and others who know me have commented as well on this. They are also very organised in scheduling my slots on a regular basis and never cancel and are always on time for our sessions. I also find that whilst we are training I have their 100% attention so I know and feel I am getting the benefit of their expert knowledge but at the same time its relaxed and its more like training with a friend which I personally find suits my personality well. Since training with the 1Life1Body team I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone that asks me about personal training and in fact my boss is now training with them and is very pleased.”

Jeremy Seymour, Commercial Property Dealer (34)

“I find the 1Life1Body team training excellent! They have increased my confidence, awareness and discipline - but I still need to improve. I would definitely recommend them, they are motivators. I would not work with any other personal training team.”


“I attend their circuit classes, and thoroughly enjoy them and find them to be motivating and encouraging, with enough variation in each class not to get bored. I find the music suitable to the exercise we are doing (even though it takes me back to my clubbing days) and also think it acts as an added motivation. I generally feel great but also worked after their classes. I would (and have done) recommend their classes to other like-minded people!”

Debbie, Accountant (34)

“The circuit class is great if you like the 'drill sergeant’ approach. Personally this is what I need to get motivated and totally enjoy the all-round work out the class provides. I would definitely recommend the class if like me you are lacking in self-motivation in the gym and want to feel the difference the next day.``

John Cowlishaw, Lawyer

“I never thought I would enjoy training to such an extent. They have the ability to both motivate you and push you to your limit whilst at the same time imparting their wide knowledge of fitness and dietary theory. In the year or so I have been with them I am conscious that it is thanks to their perseverance and my determination that I have managed to keep my body (and mind) in shape.”