What to look for in a gym

You’ve decided it’s time to don the lycra, plug in the headphones and hit the gym. You’ve set aside at least three slots per week in your busy diary and you’ve allocated the funds to get fit. If you are breaking out in a sweat at the very thought of which gym to choose why not follow our tips on how to find the right gym for you?

  1. Cost:
    Is the monthly cost within your budget?
  2. Ask about extras:
    Are towels, lockers & all classes on the studio timetable included in the membership?
    Do you have to pay for an induction or new programmes?
  3. Travelling:
    Does the gym allow you to freeze your membership if you have to travel away with work?
  4. Check trainers’ qualifications:
    What qualifications to the trainers at the gym have?
  5. Overcrowding:
    During Peak Times is there a queue for any of the equipment? Does the gym have a time cap on machines during peak times?
  6. Guest Passes:
    Are you allowed to have guests join you for a workout? If so how many free guests passes are you allowed per month?
  7. Read contract small print:
    Always read the terms and conditions and small print of the contract before signing on the dotted line.
  8. Check out the timetable:
    Are there classes you know you want to try? Are there beginners classes?
  9. Try before you buy:
    Will the gym give you a month’s free trial before you commit to a contract – there’s no harm in asking.